Outdoors Links

Suppliers of bbq marinades, salt peter and other hard to find stuff.
Bill's "journal" of Pennsylvania hikes . . . maps, photos 
Reviews of hiking equipment, including military surplus and sports nutrition
Dedicated to Hiking in Pennsylvania, especially around Penn State
Web site devoted to hiking Nittany Mountain, near State College, PA.
Name says it all! Lots of good stuff in here, even an online store now.
Nice site!  Includes trail guides and maps for  Pennsylvania, including descriptions, photos and access points.  Another nice feature is the hiker alert page that seems to be kept up to date.
Part of the Pa government, this body oversees the state's parks, forests and trails. A nice feature is a section on the Rails to Trails project that converts abandoned rail beds into hiking trails, like the one in Pine Creek Gorge. There is a section of high-tech geological and topographical data available for download.
The name says it, but some of the high points are a state to state section with lots of nice links, the AT Conference FAQ, advice from experienced hikers, a 2m Ham radio guide, and hours of surfable stuff.
A nice store with hard to find AT guides and media, trail condition guide and more stuff.
All kinds of stuff!
The only completely state-run trail in Pa
Official site of PSUs best contribution from the athletic department! Rent a cabin, a boat, or hike 25 miles of trails, including part of the Mid State Trail.

Equipment Resellers

The premier "outfitter" in State College.  Prices are reasonable, the staff is knowledgeable, and the selection of merchandise is outstanding. This is a good place to actually see what you're getting.
Excellent source for military surplus and outdoors equipment
New, redesigned website is very nice. This is a great place for all kinds of outdoors stuff, military surplus and ammo.
Makers of military and commercial boots--shop online!
Another great place to get military surplus. The web site is almost as good as thumbing through a catalog, plus all the specials are up to date.


Italian makers of trekking poles, etc.
Slow server!

German manufacturer of trekking poles, etc.
Makers of military and commercial boots--shop online!

Interesting Stuff

Sam Zamrik Candidate for Penn State Board of Trustees election
Photos of Gettysburg Battlefield State College head shots for commercial/corporate portraits
Nittany Lion - photos of the Nittany Lion Shrine at Penn State National Memorial Arch Valley Forge - arch in the Valley Forge National Park


Inspirational Writings and Poetry


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